Please note the start dates and meeting dates for clubs are subject to change. All students are encouraged to listen to the daily morning and afternoon announcements for the Middle School club schedules.


Advisor Meeting Day
Art Club 7/8 M. Stankiewicz Select Wednesdays
Chess Club 5-8 J. Dono TBD
Community Outreach & Service Club R. Menze &
L. Rueda
Courtyard Club G. Siani Monday
Drama Club R. Moriarty TBD
Home & Careers 5 G. Pomponio Thursday
Home & Careers 6 G. Pomponio Friday
Jazz Band M. Silliman Tuesday
Jazz Choir K. Toolan Wednesday
ZED Literary Magazine C. Doyle Thursday
Math Olympiads F. Massano Tuesday Mornings
Mathletes C. Graham &
J. Venaski
National Junior
Honor Society
C. Doyle &
J. Grossman
Science Club J. Joyce TBD
STEAM Club M. O'Reilly Select Mondays
Student Council 7-8 E. Pipe &
N. Pomaro
Yearbook J. Joyce &
K. Doran
Select Tuesdays