Mental Health / Wellness Community Support

Mental Health / Wellness Community Support

Mount Sinai Mindful Connections

Many parents and families are continuing to evolve their routine during this difficult time. Tensions are high as we juggle traditional parenting, teaching, working from home, and all the other tasks we are now responsible for; it is important to give ourselves the grace we deserve. 

In effort to support Mount Sinai families during this time, our district wide Social Worker will be hosting Mount Sinai Mindful Connections. The purpose of this is to share strategies with families that they can use with their children, along with activities and challenges that they can complete together. These activities are meant to compliment continued distance learning and to break up some of the monotony families may be experiencing. 

  • Mindful Monday will focus on mindfulness skill building activities that parents/guardians and children can use to help destress and remain present together.

  • On Wellness Wednesday we will explore best practices related to Mental Wellness. 

  • Family Fun Friday will offer different activities and challenges for families to complete!

You can subscribe for updates through the Remind app by texting @msmindful to 81010. Please be aware that you do not need to have the Remind app to receive updates. 

Information will also be posted to the Mount Sinai Mindful Connection Website:

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Kayla Muglia at