Messages for Mr. Pendergast - ALS Ride For Life

Messages for Mr. Pendergast - ALS Ride For Life

In light of the sad news that Chris Pendergast has begun hospice care at home, we wanted to ask our community to do what we can to share the ways in which he has impacted all of us here in Mount Sinai. 

Students, we are asking that you take some time to send a message to Mr. Pendergast. We have set up a Flipgrid where you can record a short video sharing how Mr. Pendergast has affected your life and thank him for his work over the years. Think about the core messages Mr. Pendergast has shared with us:

● Never give up
● Never lose hope
● Always remain optimistic
● Be willing to defy the odds


Please click the attached PDF for instructions on how to submit your messages. We would love for Mr. Pendergast to see how much he has affected all of us.

Messages for Mr. Pendergast - Click Here

The ALS Ride For Life is going to look a little different this year!

We invite you to watch the first of our Virtual Ride videos, which was made for the students at the schools we visit along the way.


At the end, you will see that we have a request for participation, that can be done from home.


If you would also like to participate, we welcome you to send a photo to: and you will be featured in our next video!


Stay Safe,

Your Friends at ALS Ride For Life