ZED Literary Magazine

Advisor: Mr. Doyle

Meeting Days: Thursdays

Brief Description of Club / Activities:

ZED is the Mt. Sinai Middle School literary magazine. Students who enjoy writing… whether it be poetry or short stories will work on pieces of writing for inclusion into this magazine.
The primary focus of coming to ZED is to introduce various forms of poetry to the youngsters, read other students’ writings to them, and then have them work on poetry of their own.
Each meeting is an instruction period, and then the students will free-write on the given topic.
At the end of the instruction sessions students will help in the selection of pieces of writing to be included into ZED. They also will be helping with the format for publication.
Much of the poetry included in past editions of ZED has been recognized as award-winning pieces of work. Several poems have been entered into the annual Walt Whitman Poetry Contest along with short stories that have achieved recognition in the Suffolk County Reading Council Contest.